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Technology is growing at a pace once thought to be impossible. Nowadays you can’t go very long without hearing about the latest technical innovation. Small businesses can leverage and afford technology once only available to the biggest and most well-connected companies.

But, there’s always been one problem: Many phone systems look, feel, and act like the dinosaurs of yesterday. And even worse, modern and well-integrated phone systems have been out of reach of small business users (often costing more than $10,000). Many hosted solutions have looked to change that, but then you just get nickel and dimed for each and every feature.

That’s why we decided to shake things up with Kirbside Voice. Kirbside Voice is a high powered, fully cloud hosted, fully integrated business voice solution. We’ve built our rockstar solution on 3CX, the world’s most powerful phone system for CRM and other integrations.

When you choose Kirbside Voice, you’ll be launched out of the phone system of yesteryear and into this century. Our phone system solution comes with everything you need right out of the box. No more gimmicks or charges for wanting to work on the go. With Kirbside Voice, it’s all taken care of.

Key Features Included with Kirbside Voice

Stop getting nickel and dimed by non-inclusive voice solutions. EVERY Kirbside Voice customer gets:

  • Simple setup and management
  • Simple pricing
  • Included mobile and desktop softphone clients
  • Included unlimited local and long-distance calling
  • Included conference room phones
  • Included CRM integration
  • Included WebMeetings with Click2Meet
  • Available toll free number

What is an integrated phone system?

An integrated phone system goes beyond taking and making calls. Our phone system has the ability to integrate with your key tools, such as Microsoft Outlook or your CRM. This enables you to create new automation to streamline critical processes (such as sales or support).


  • Integrate with your CRM and never forget to log a call again
  • Integrate with Outlook so you can look up your calls in an instant
  • Integrate with your support system to automate the customer lookup process

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