Managed Technology and HIPAA Compliance

As a medical provider or business associate, protected health information is at the center of what you do. HIPAA regulation is critical to running a proper practice and avoiding significant fines and reputational damage. With Stellar IT as a Service for HIPAA, your critical data is protected and your systems run smoothly so you can focus on what really matters: Delivering Stellar Patient Care.

Complete IT Platform

Stellar IT empowers your practice with the tools it needs to be productive including collaboration, secure storage, and Stellar Voice all hosted in Microsoft’s secure and compliant cloud.

HIPAA Copmliance Toolset

Stellar IT for HIPAA empwers your firm with the additional benefit of 100% managed HIPAA compliance including risk assessments, training, policies, and more!

Get In Touch Today For A Complimentary HIPAA Assessment

This is not an annual risk assessment, but an assessment to determine whether or not you must be HIPAA compliant and help determine your level of compliance.

Stellar IT Makes HIPAA Compliance Easy!

When you choose Stellar IT (IT as a Service) for HIPAA, you get the complete IT solution your medical practice needs, coupled with state of the art HIPAA compliance tools. We help you cover the entire spectrum of HIPAA compliance including technical safeguards, administrative safeguards, policies and procedures, mandatory training, and more!

Stellar IT for HIPAA Delivers a World Class Compliant IT Experience

Stellar Collaboration

Your team works better when they can work together. Stellar IT delivers the power of Office 365 including enterprise email and calendaring, IM and video chat, secure file collaboration, and more!

Stellar Support

Our Stellar Support Team is standing by 24×7 to make sure you can always focus on patient care. We work hard to


Stellar Security

Our Stellar Security platform meets and exceeds HIPAA technical safeguard requirements, ensuring your patient data is protected no matter where it is.


Stellar Voice

Our HIPAA compliant, reliable, and easy to use Kirbside Voice service gives your practice the modern telephone system it needs to stay competetive.

Stellar Management

You’ve got big plans for your practice, and we’re here with you every step of the way to ensure that technology is always driving your innovation.

Stellar Auditing

Our state of the art auditing platform keeps tabs on your infrastructure and we can deliver auditor ready reports at a moment’s notice, helping you avoid fines and penalties.

Coupled With The Most Complete HIPAA Compliance Platform

Managing the administrative requirements of HIPAA can be a pain for smaller organizations and large organizations alike. Keeping track of training, policy acceptance, document management etc. can be a chore. We provide the tools you need to manage it all by partnering with HIPAA Secure Now! HIPAA Secure Now provides your team with a compliance and training portal that helps you manage the full HIPAA spectrum.

Annual Risk Assessment

We complete and compile your mandatory annual risk assessment, included with your Stellar IT for HIPAA platform. This risk assessment is a deep dive into your practice to analyze all risk exposure. We then work with you to mitigate all risks uncovered.

Policies and Procedures

HIPAA Secure Now delivers ready to go HIPAA policies and procedures, and tracks acknowledgement of those procedures. This ensures that your team is aware of the policies, and provides reporting for auditors that those policies have been accepted.

Mandatory Training

Your compliance portal provides a learning management system from which your team can complete their mandatory HIPAA security awareness training. Company administrators can access reports and print certificates for all employees that have completed their annual training.

Financial Protection

HIPAA Secure now provides $100,000 in financial protection for breaches and audits to help supplement your insurance coverage.

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