Introducing Stellar IT  – Business IT as a Service

The complete IT solution for your small or medium business.

Our innovative Information Technology as a Service (ITaaS) offering combines the best technology platforms with the best support available to deliver a powerful IT stack that your team will actually want to use. We deliver everything you need to communicate, collaborate, secure your data, and empower your team to do more.

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Achieve More Together

At the core of Stellar IT is Microsoft 365, a suite that empowers your team to work better together using the most popular collaboration suite on the planet. Your team will be able to communicate like never before, allowing them to work together whenever and wherever they need to.

Anywhere it Matters

Work is no longer a place you go, it’s a thing you do. Empowering your team to work wherever they need to make your company more nimble and ultimately more competitive. Stellar IT delivers the tools and support you need to empower your team to work where and when they need to securely and easily.

Always on Security

Every business has valuable data, and every business is a target. Protect your business with Stellar IT and the Microsoft security suite. We help you analyze your risk exposure and manage your organizations data through intelligent security technology. We also provide education and training so that your team knows how to protect your critical data.

Simplified for Your Business

You didn’t get into business to manage technology. Stellar IT takes the complete IT workload off your back, and provides you and your team a consistent, easy to use, and powerful IT platform that scales with your business. All for a flat monthly rate per employee.

Key Benefits of ITaaS

Dynamic Workforce

Work is no longer a place you go, it’s a thing you do. With ITaaS, you empower your people to work whenever and wherever they need to in order to achieve the best results while managing your risk.

Secure Your data

Data is valuable to any business. With our Stellar IT ITaaS service, we’ve got security at the forefront. We use advanced technologies from Microsoft and Bitdefender to deliver superior protection from all modern threats and secure your data across all devices.

Cloud Powered

Eliminate the high cost of maintaining servers and other on-premise gear. Our solution is cloud-based and all your data is securely accessible from nearly anywhere in the world with an internet connection.

Fully Supported and Headache Free

We handle IT for you. No more onboarding employees or devices. We handle the management, administration, and support backed by our Stellar Support experts.

Fully Integrated

We provide a simple to use one stop shop for your team. In most cases, one single sign on gets your team access to everything they need to change the world.

Stellar Voice

Integrate your phone system with your whole environment by leveraging Microsoft’s phone system including soft phones, desk phones, unlimited calling, and more.

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