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Kirbside Consulting is offering complimentary Business Technology Assessments to help you gain greater insight into your business and how it’s leveraging technology. 8/10 of the businesses we talk to are not getting most out of technology.

During this free assessment we will:

  • Analyze Your IT Strategy – Before we dive into your tech, we need to dive into your business! We’ll speak with you one on one to learn about your business and how you use (or want to use) technology to drive your productivity.
  • Analyze your Current IT Infrastructure – We’ll look at the tech you have in the office and the tools you’re using to run your business. This helps us gain a baseline of where you’re at today with your technology investments.
  • Analyze Your Security Posture – This is a critical, but often overlooked aspect of your overall technology strategy. A data breach can put you out of business. Your data is critical to your business, and your customers trust you with their data (even if it’s just contact information). We’ll dive into the tools and techniques you’re using to protect and backup your data.

After we complete your assessment, we’ll prepare a customized report detailing your current technology situation, and outline how our solutions can deliver value and put your technology in a better position to drive growth for your organization.

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