Downtime Is Expensive!

Have you ever sat down and thought about what it would cost you if the whole office was down? Unable to get anything done? Or have you ever added up what all these little incidents throughout the year? If you haven’t, the true cost of downtime may surprise you!

This simple tool is designed to provide you with an hourly and daily cost of downtime for your business. It takes into account the worst case scenario (a total outage that is costing you time and revenue). It does not take into account other factors that may be important such as:

  • Loss of reputation – If you can’t serve your customers, they aren’t going to be happy about it.
  • Compliance – If your organization can’t operate, are you subject to regulatory fines?
  • Turnover – Employees might get unhappy because they can’t get work done.

Once you complete your calculation, get in touch with us to learn about our Stellar Technology Experience, and how you can leverage it to prevent downtime!

Fill in the form below to find out what downtime costs your organization!

  • How many employees rely on tech to do their jobs?
  • Average annual salary of these employees (including benefits and fringe will make this more accurate)
  • How much revenue do each of these valuable team members generate?

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