Stellar IT: The Technology Solution You’ve Been Waiting For

Technology is a critical component of every modern workplace, no matter the size. Technology drives almost every modern business workflow. Technology can make your business efficient and profitable, or it can drag your business down. For technology to deliver, it must be properly implemented, managed, supported, and secured. When you partner with Kirbside Consulting by choosing Stellar IT, you get the most comprehensive solution available for Denver small and medium businesses.

We partner with you to not only support your technology but also help you make smart management decisions for success. By empowering your business with technology, support, security, and management expertise; we truly take IT workload off of your back so you can focus on growing your business. Stellar IT provides your entire IT platform for a flat monthly fee.

Stellar IT provides a truly complete IT solution for small and mid-sized businesses.

Stellar Technology

We’ve partnered with Microsoft and others to deliver the world’s most popular collaboration suite. We bring the technology that your business needs to be more efficient and use technology to its advantage.

Stellar Support

We understand that problems slow you down while you’re trying to do your best work. That’s why our Stellar Support team is always standing by to get you up and running again. We use a state of the art support system to give you a top-down view of what’s going on in your company. Further, our SLA guarantees a response within 60-minutes to non-critical issues and 30 minutes for critical issues.


Stellar Security

Cybersecurity should be top of mind for businesses of all sizes. When you choose Stellar IT, your business gets why we call the Stellar Security Stack, but you can just call it peace of mind. We utilize multiple enterprise-grade security tools and implement industry best practices to ensure that your team and your data are always protected.

Stellar Management

When you choose Stellar IT, you don’t get just another vendor. You get a partner that’s determined to help you use technology to maximize your business’ potential and meet your goals, now an in the future. Through our process, we become your virtual Chief Information Officer, constantly working with you to ensure that your business has the technology and processes it needs to thrive.

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How does Stellar IT Work?

Stellar IT is a different kind of managed service. We partner with your business to help you make smart and proactive management decisions. Coupled with the advanced suite of products that are included with Stellar IT, your business gets a complete technology management solution that grows with you as you grow. We bring the technology, expertise, and mindset to help you turn technology into a competetive advantage.

Frequently Asked Questions

What's Included With Stellar IT?

Stellar IT is a complete, done for you IT as a Service Solution. Our Stellar IT partners are empowered with the number on collaboration platform: Office 365. We take it a step further by delivering Microsoft 365 which includes additional security and management capabilities. Stellar IT includes all of our core services including: Microsoft 365, unlimited help desk support, quarterly management/vCIO meetings, business continutiy, and more. Contact us to learn more.

Does Kirbside Have a VoIP Offering?

We’ve partnered with two different business-class Voice over IP providers. When you partner with us, we’ll help you ensure that the voice solution you’re using is the right fit, or recommend one of our trusted partners.

How is Stellar IT Priced?

We designed Stellar IT with growing businesses in mind. Our all-in-one solution is charged at a flat monthly fee per team member. This means that your IT budget is easier than ever, it can simply be added to your cost per employee. All of our monthly services are OpEx, which means you can save your capital budget for bigger and better things. Ask us for details on turning your IT hardware into OpEx too through one of our Device as a Service partners.

My business has compliance requirements, can Stellar IT accomodate?

Yes! We’re a HIPAA compliant provider and we can help your company comply with HIPAA, FINRA, GLBA, NIST 800-171 and more. Contact us for more information.

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Book a free discovery call with one of our experts today! We’ll get to know each other and review your business’ current IT strategy. This will help us show you why Stellar IT is the number one solution to help you use technology to drive your business forward.

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