With the chilly temperatures and approaching snow, we don’t have to tell you that winter is creeping up on us fast! With winter comes heavy snow storms accompanied by difficult commutes. With the annual rise of winter weather, we also see an unfortunate rise in road accidents, being late to work, and overall unhappiness with our commute. After all, do you like driving in the snow?

Enter telecommuting! Telecommuting is a great way to keep your employees happy and safe this winter season. By telecommuting, your team can avoid the hassle of navigating difficult traffic and icy roads, by working from the comfort of their home. Many different types of employees can telecommute. In fact, some companies (Kirbside included) are 100% remote employee based. This enables us to:

  • Avoid unnecessary driving in the inclement weather
  • Reduce/eliminate our commutes, enabling more family time before and after work
  • Allows us to get comfortable and thus be more productive

Remote Access Isn’t Taboo Anymore

There was a time when giving your team remote access to the data your company holds dear came with uncertainty and risk. It also required clunky VPN clients that usually weren’t user-friendly. Worse, there often wasn’t much stopping the accidental or malicious exposure of sensitive company data when it got copied.

Well, those days are gone. At Kirbside, our team leverages the technologies provided in our Stellar IT and Unified Workspace offerings. As you may imagine, IT companies like us deal with extremely sensitive information. By using the advanced controls available to us in Unified Workspace and Microsoft 365, we have fine grain control of who has access to this data. We can verify with 100% certainty that our data is being accessed from devices we approve and that the data is protected wherever it lives. This lets us rest easy knowing that even if a team member makes a mistake, we’ve taken the proper steps to protect our data.

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