Stellar IT Benefits Your Law Firm Should Know About


Legal and business professionals today face many challenges. They need to ensure compliance and make sure their documents are secure and easily shared with teams and clients. They expect their technology solutions to reduce overhead, increase billable hours, enhance productivity, and provide the ability to work anywhere, anytime.

Stellar IT – IT as a Service from Kirbside Consulting – aims to address these issues and more by delivering a complete IT solution built on services from the industry’s leading providers including Microsoft 365. In this article, we’ll review some of the key benefits that Stellar IT can deliver to your law firm.

Stellar IT is built from the ground up with security in mind. As an attorney, you have a very important obligation to protect confidential information provided to you by your clients and other stakeholders. Each component of the Stellar IT platform is optimized to deliver the right balance of usability and security.

Control Your Data and Who Sees It

At its core, Stellar IT delivers the power of Microsoft 365 to your firm. Microsoft 365 is a new offering that combines Office 365 with other cloud offerings from Microsoft that enable greater security and control of your data and applications. These tools give you complete control over your data using encryption, controlled access, and advanced automated policies to control who has access to what. You can even give clients or other stakeholders temporary access to confidential data and revoke it at will.

Management of Devices Storing / Accessing Data

There are more devices per person today than ever before. Lot’s of professionals may start the day on their iPad, then work on their PC for a while, and send emails from their phone before bed. Each of these devices represents a potential danger for inappropriate disclosure of your data. With Microsoft Intune (included with Stellar IT), our team sets secure policies. These policies allow for control over which devices are able to access your data and how they access it. This helps close the potential danger that comes with losing a device, or data walking out the door with a former team member.

Multi-Layered Endpoint and Network Security

Stellar IT combines traditional anti-virus and anti-malware software with next-gen protection and detection technology. By combining technology from SonicWall, Bitdefender, Huntress Labs, and Cisco, we deliver several layers of threat prevention and detection technology to make sure you’re always protected from the latest threats.

Managed By our Pros and Monitored 24×7

Our state of the art monitoring platform keeps tabs on your security platform and endpoints to ensure that everything is up to date and working right. Proactive alerting allows our team of experts to resolve issues before they stop you in your tracks.

Teamwork makes the dream work. Microsoft 365 supported by Stellar IT delivers the world’s most popular collaboration platform with Exchange Online, Sharepoint Online, Microsoft Teams, and more. With secure online storage from Sharepoint Online and OneDrive For Business, your critical data is securely stored on the Microsoft cloud. You can share data both internally and externally and collaborate in real time, even with clients and other external stakeholders.

With integrated business telephony powered by Microsoft, your firm’s new phone system will be completely integrated with the rest of your collaboration suite. Microsoft Phone System enables you to use your desk phone at the office, and use the same number and system on your mobile device or laptop from almost anywhere in the world.

You rely on tech to get the job done right and on time. That’s why Stellar IT comes with unlimited Stellar Support. We’re ready to help you at a moment’s notice when things aren’t going right, getting you back to work as soon as possible. By delivering our Stellar IT platform to your firm, we create a consistent environment that our team is ready to support. This enables us to predict and solve issues proactively, as well as respond immediately when you have trouble. On average, our tickets are resolved within 60 minutes.

A proper technology strategy is more than computers and software – it’s also an important asset that requires special expertise to maintain. As a part of our Stellar IT service, we help you plan for the growth of your firm and ensure that the right technologies are in place and driving the right results.

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