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Your Denver business relies on technology to do its best work. In order to remain productive and profitable, you need to operate at maximum efficiency. The problem is that many small businesses find themselves using disjointed technology from different vendors that don’t really cooperate. We aim to change that with Stellar IT – IT as a Service. IT as a Service delivers your complete IT solution – from beginning to endpoint. We deliver best in class security and collaboration tools tailored to your unique operations.With Stellar IT, your Denver business gets the best tools on the market to work together better, supported by our Stellar Experts, all for a flat monthly fee per team member.

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The Most Complete IT Platform

Get rid of the hassle of mixing and matching phone, computer, support, and consulting vendors. Stellar IT delivers the whole picture.

Stellar Collaboration

Your team does their best when they’re empowered to work together. Stellar IT delivers the industry’s most modern and widely-used collaboration platform. This enables your team to work together anytime, anywhere securely and conveniently.

Stellar Mobility

Stellar IT empowers work when and where you need it. Your data is securely stored in the Microsoft cloud and is accessible from almost any device with an internet connection, protected by Stellar Security 24×7!

Stellar Security

As a trusted advisor, you care for a lot of important and sensitive data. Stellar Security protects your data by ensuring that it’s protected at all times on any device. Using carefully crafted security policies, we enable you to do work with the perfect balance of convenience and security. Further, our Stellar Security Stack provides multiple redundant layers of protection, enabling us to detect and prevent today’s modern threats.

Stellar Proactive Care

We don’t wait for problems to manifest themselves and gum up your day! Our Network Operations Center team and state of the art monitoring platform keeps tabs on your network and equipment, alerting us to problems often before they get in your way.

Stellar Support

When you need help with a computer issue, you need it now. We understand the importance of meeting your time commitments. That’s why we’re always standing by to fix what’s ailing you get you back to work.

Stellar Management

IT isn’t all about ones and zeros. While you work hard to grow your firm, our experts are working alongside you to ensure that your firm has a strategy to scale its technology along the way. We call this vCIO.

The Best Technology

We’ve partnered with industry leaders including Microsoft, Clio, Bitdefender, Huntress Labs and more to deliver the best tools on the market to your team, fully managed and supported by our experts. Stellar IT delivers the entire IT picture including:

  • Email, Calendaring, and Collaboration
  • Secure, Cloud-Based File Storage and Sharing
  • Business Grade Integrated Voice
  • A multi-layer suite of Security platforms for maximum protection

+TB Data Protected

+ Emails Scanned Daily

Malicious Websites Blocked Weekly

The Best Support Experience

We’ve invested time and money into establishing a support process that is 100% customer-centric. Through our advanced support portal, you and your team are always in the know. You get an instant view of what’s going on with your IT and what the status of your requests are, creating a constant channel of communication.

Answers to Your Questions

What is IT as a Service?

We call our Stellar IT service “IT as a Service.” To us, IT as a Service (ITaaS) means delivering your complete IT foundation, thus eliminating the headaches of trying to integrate systems and processes from a myriad of different vendors with different capabilities. By taking advantage of ITaaS, your team has a consistent, reliable, and modern set of tools to do their best work with delivered for a flat monthly rate per team member.

What does Stellar IT include?

To put it simply, everything you see on this page! When your firm adopts Stellar IT, we implement Microsoft 365, our Security Stack, and our Management Stack. Depending on your firm’s exact needs, different tools are included in your ITaaS plan. For example, if your firm handles data regulated by HIPAA, we design your service to ensure compliance.

What does Stellar IT cost?

Stellar IT is an all-inclusive (sometimes called “all-you-can-eat”) offering. This means that there are no hourly fees for maintenance and support of your day-to-day operations. This means that you won’t get a nasty balloon bill every time you have an issue. Stellar IT is priced per team member at your firm, per month. Get in touch with us for a proposal.

What is a Stack?

We often refer to our technology suites as a “Stack.” This term simply means that we deliver multiple tools/systems that are integrated (stacked together) to deliver your complete IT picture.

What is Microsoft 365?

Microsoft 365 is Microsoft’s newest cloud collaboration and security offering. As your Microsoft Cloud Service Provider, we take on the responsibility of implementing, managing and supporting your Microsoft 365 service. Microsoft 365 is Office 365 (the world’s most popular collaboration suite) coupled with identity management, data security, and software tools to provide a greater level of protection and additional features.

How do we get started?

The next step is to get a free business technology assessment (normally $489). During this assessment, we’ll sit down with you and go over your company’s current IT platform, workflows, and areas of concern. This will help our team ensure that your firm is a good fit for Stellar IT – and answer any additional questions you may have. We’ll then use the information from our assessment to prepare a custom proposal and transition plan to ensure that your operations can continue without interruption while we bring you on board.




Dominic and his service are critical for small business and I highly recommend Kirbside and wanted to say thanks!

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