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Secure, Compliant, Reliable, and Complete Technology Solutions

We Empower More Creative and Productive Teams

We’ve turned managed IT services on its head with Stellar IT – IT as a Service. IT as a Service goes beyond supporting legacy technology by delivering a modern and complete suite of industry-leading technologies that are time-tested and proven to deliver a better technology experience for your business and your team. With top-notch partners like Pax8, Microsoft, Dell EMC, Bitdefender, Symantec, and more, we have the right people, tools, and expertise to make technology drive your business forward.

We Take A Consultative Approach

We love technology and what it can do for your business. But we’re not in the technology business. We’re in the consulting business, and we help firm and practice owners use technology as a lucrative growth asset. We go far beyond the ones, zeros, and gigabytes to learn what your firm really needs to do its best work. We become your technology partner for business success. We bring in the best of the best so you can do your best work.

We Deliver The Most Complete Solutions

You’re busy enough running your firm or practice. You don’t have time to worry about the ins and outs of your technology solution, you need it to just work and deliver value. When you partner with us as a Stellar IT client, you get the complete suite of tools your growing team needs to do their best work.

We Reduce Cost And Complexity

Great technology doesn’t need to be over-complicated, and it doesn’t need to be overpriced either. Our Stellar IT services reduces both cost and complexity by delivering a simplified, more integrated technology experience for an affordable flat rate per team member. We further reduce your cost by reducing and eliminating IT headaches, letting you focus on what you do best.

We Bring The Right Tools, Expertise, And Management

When you partner with us, you get access to a whole host of experts from all different realms of technology. Our partners and service providers work hard to help us ensure that technology delivers maximum value to your business! Our included management services make sure that technology is serving you right now and in the future.

Let's Have A Conversation

If your practice or firm is tired of mismanaged legacy technology, start a conversation with us today. We want to learn where you are, where you want to be, and discuss how to get you there. We’re business consultants first, and geeks second. We’ve made it our mission to make technology drive growth.

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